Cyber Ireland Cyber Security Framework

September 13, 2022

The SFA has been approached by Cyber Ireland to invite members to participate in the pilot phase of its new Cyber Security Framework for small business.



  • Lower levels of cyber preparedness in Irish SMEs who are vulnerable to increasing cyber-attacks.
  • Risk of supply chain attacks for Irish SMEs servicing multinational businesses.
  • Cyber Insurance is becoming increasingly expensive for SMEs, who are passing the risk to the insurer, and for the insurers.
  • There is no baseline cybersecurity framework or standard for SMEs in Ireland (similar to UK Cyber Essentials).


  • A baseline cyber security framework for Irish SMEs designed to protect organisations from most common cyber-attacks and increase cyber security preparedness.
  • On conducting the self-assessment provides a discount to SMEs on their Cyber Insurance.
  • Incident response panel of Irish companies to provide services to those impacted by a cyber incident, through the scheme.


  • Low cost makes it accessible to SMEs
  • Simple implementation
  • Reduced risk to business
  • Reduced risk to insurer
  • Reduced risk in supply chain
  • Reduced Time to Recovery
  • Reputational value to business

Cyber Ireland is now inviting up to 20 SFA members to take part in the pilot phase of the new Cyber Security Framework. There will be regular Teams calls to assist those taking part as they go through the process. If you are interested in participating in this project, please register your interest here.