Low Pay Commission announces public consultation on Minimum Wage to open

February 25, 2022

The Low Pay Commission has indicated again this year of its intention to open a public consultation on the National Minimum Wage. The LPC, tasked with this work has said that the consultation will open from 23 March and will run for a number of weeks. The Low Pay Commission will take into account submissions from a range of sectors and interested parties when coming to their recommendation of if the minimum wage needs to be raised further in Budget 2023. The current business climate is a challenging one for small business, the cost of doing business has increased year on year. New government policies such as statutory sick pay, remote working and pension auto enrolment has compounded these costs. This is an important opportunity for SFA members to make their voices heard and frame how the SFA responds to this consultation. If you have any views or opinions on this please contact Stephen Browne on Stephen.browne@sfa.ie