Data from reports released by MentorsWork reveal that employees are more likely to stay with their employers if they are offered more high-quality learning opportunities. Also, employers that adopt a ‘Grow Your Own’ philosophy gain a variety of benefits while negating some of the risks associated with an outward only view on talent acquisition.

Growing your own talent has many business benefits and helps avoid the risks associated with new hires, for example:

  • The provision of learning and development opportunities is key to retaining talent within a business and consequently enabling the future success of that business.
  • Drawing from your existing resources provides you with a head start on understanding what you are getting across the various attributes which matter including technical aptitude, soft skills, and cultural fit. This allows you to target skills development at individual level and to amplify that investment by increasing the likelihood of accruing tangible benefits to the business.
  • New hires require a significant ramp up phase involving company specific training, cultural alignment etc. which often results in a performance lag and impact on the business.
  • New hires will lack the business context which is a key requirement for specialist roles such as data analytics, engineering operations etc.

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