Ibec has been working with employers, government and other stakeholders for over two decades to address the underlying causes of the imbalance of women in employment and leadership positions. We have seen significant progress however, there is work still to be done. We continue to influence with impact on the key issues that thwart progress, and we won’t stop until we tackle gender biases and stereotypes and achieve gender equality and gender balance at all levels across our workplaces and society. Learn more about the areas we are working on to deliver real progress in the representation of women in Ireland in business and society.

How we influence

Ibec influences action for gender balance through our Diversity Forum, which shares best practice among Ibec members, hears from internal and external experts as well as practical examples of action on a variety of key D&I topics; and the Voluntary Code for Executive Search firms which has been promoted by Ibec and the 30% Club since 2016 to support more balanced selection across senior management and on boards in Ireland. 

How we educate / Articles

Gender parity will help organisations attract and retain the best talent. To achieve this requires tackling some of the underlying challenges like gender stereotypes; gender segregation; challenges around parenting and care and female representation.

How we educate / Webinars & podcasts

Our webinars and podcasts give a flavour of the actions, commitment and leadership required and being shown by forward thinking organisations around gender balance.


Ibec Global highlight the trailblazing women across our sectors in what may be seen as non-traditional roles,  who are paving the way for other aspiring women. 

Their stories celebrate how much has been achieved and highlight the areas where work is still needed to continue to make progress.  

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