Quality national infrastructure and modern, world class public services are fundamental to national prosperity and well-being. Expensive housing, long commutes and stretched health and educationsystems are making Ireland a less attractive place to live, work and invest. 

The next government must:

1. Put in place a new national housing strategy to deliver quality and affordable homes, champion higher density development and adopt a sensible approach to building height to achieve compact, sustainable and smart growth;

2. Reform the planning approval system so that key infrastructure projects are not impeded by unnecessary and costly delays;

3. Invest ambitiously in infrastructure, using exchequer, international and private financing, to meet the needs of our rapidly growing population and to support regional and all island connectivity; 

4. Deliver a long-term sustainable funding model for third-level education which supports high quality research and innovation and stems the decline of our universities in international rankings; 

5. Ensure our public services grow proportionately with private investment and wealth.