Protecting the foreign direct investment vital to our growth will require innovative responses to any challenges to our tax competitiveness. These solutions will arise from investment in infrastructure, technology, education and innovation.

  • Work with stakeholders to prepare our corporate tax offering for significant change through regime simplification from 2022 onward.
  • Significantly improve the attractiveness of the R&D tax credit, expanding limits on outsourcing to third parties like universities and research specialists. 
  • Introduce accelerated capital allowances for advanced manufacturing in areas like computer-aided machinery and robotic machines.
  • Make sure we continue to produce high skilled workers by investing over €130 million in education and skills in 2022.
  • Invest €50 million in our digital capacity including investments in digital regulatory and cybersecurity capacity, digital skills and an updated National Digital Strategy, with a particular focus on the Industry 4.0 and AI.
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