With Irish goods exports increasing over the past year, despite turmoil both globally and closer to home, there is much to be optimistic about on the future of the Irish economy. However, there are still major challenges on the horizon that need to be recognised and addressed.

Show fiscal discipline to deliver on investment ambition:
The Government has shown significant ambition in their recent Summer Economic Statement. The Government is now matching Ibec ambitions to reach a target of 4% of GDP for public capital investment for the remainder of the decade. The balance of risks suggests that this quantum of borrowing can be prudent but must be balanced by fiscal discipline when it comes to day-to-day spending and taxation. Our ambitions on infrastructure and policy areas like climate and housing mean that from both a capacity and resource point of view there will need to be clear prioritisation on what is deliverable. It is only by doing this that the Government can guarantee the capacity for key strategic resources will remain available. 

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