Our priority, post-COVID, must be on ensuring future growth is sustained and sustainable. With a renewed focus on homegrown business and competitiveness, we can ensure resources are available to meet the major economic and social challenges we face.

The backdrop to Budget 2022
With Irish goods exports increasing over the past year, despite turmoil both globally and closer to home, there is much to be optimistic about on the future of the Irish economy. However, there are still major challenges on the horizon that need to be recognised and addressed.

Returning to a focus on competitiveness and encouraging indigenous business
The withdrawal of support for the sectors worst affected by the pandemic and Brexit will need to be balanced with investment in digitalisation and innovation to boost economic competitiveness, as well as the introduction of offsetting measures to cover the increased cost of trade.

Preparing our business model for change
Protecting the foreign direct investment vital to our growth will require innovative responses to any challenges to our tax competitiveness. These solutions will arise from investment in infrastructure, technology, education and innovation.

Building back better
As we work to meet the many challenges facing our economy, we cannot lose sight of our commitment to upskilling our labour market, reducing our carbon emissions, increasing the supply of affordable housing, and making our pensions more sustainable.

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