Quality of life

This priority focuses on how Government must offer people good living and working conditions to sustain economic success and remain attractive to local and global mobile talent pools. The high cost of housing, long commutes, and challenges to the environment are amongst the top barriers to Ireland in achieving better quality of life. Budget 2020 can and must address this.  We set out a suite of measures which if implemented will address constraints in housing, infrastructure, sustainability and well-being.   Government to be bold in dealing with core issues such as the cost of land, carbon pricing, and the delivery of key infrastructure projects.


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Ibec Budget 2020 Submission pdf | 17051.7 kb

The Ibec Podcast

"Budget podcast 2020 The future of work and quality of life", featuring Claire McGee, Ibec’s Head of Education and Innovation

Why Budget 2020 must address key labour market issues such as childcare, funding of education, and the taxation of share-options.

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