Foreign Direct Investment

This priority focuses on how Government can and must re-invent our offering to multinational business. The Irish FDI growth model has never been in a position of greater challenge because of pending global tax reform. The State needs to radically improve public infrastructure and investment in education, infrastructure, innovation and tax supports for advanced manufacturing to provide certainty to our business model.  This can be done.  The exchequer has received 14.3 billion in unexpected corporate tax but it has not been used productively by subventing the day to day running of the country. Now is the opportunity for change and this budget can chart a new way forward by reinvesting the fruits of our enterprise success into public infrastructure that we are seriously in need ofGovernment must invest ambitiously identifying new projects where needed and delivering on committed projects in the Ireland 2040 plan with urgency. 


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Ibec Budget 2020 Submission pdf | 17051.7 kb

The Ibec Podcast

"Budget 2020 Indigenous business and foreign direct investment", featuring Gerard Brady, Ibec’s Chief Economist

Backing indigenous business and working hard on our non tax offering for foreign direct investment companies. These are the 5 BIG asks from business.