Budget 2020 and Brexit preparations

This priority focuses on deal or no deal what Government must do to get ready for Brexit. A no deal Brexit would fundamentally re-frame the economic outlook of the country. This must be borne in mind when setting the parameters of Budget 2020. Business will continue to make key decisions over the coming months and the Government can play a greater role in supporting them. There must be a stronger delivery on Brexit preparation and mitigation domestically.   We make specific recommendations on supports for companies to diversify, the introduction of stabilisation programme in the event of a no deal and reducing any further rise in cross border shopping trends.

Download our full set of our recommendations here:


Ibec Budget 2020 Submission pdf | 17051.7 kb

The Ibec Podcast

"Budget 2020 Brexit Preparations", featuring Paul Kelly, Director of Ibec’s Food and Drink Industry

Why Budget 2020 must facilitate a stronger delivery on Brexit preparation and mitigation domestically so business is not left to manage rolling and costly uncertainty.