The sustainability pillar of the campaign aims to embed sustainability across development and business activity.

A cleaner and more resilient environment brings both societal and economic benefits. As part of this commitment, Ibec is developing a roadmap for cost-effective decarbonisation of the economy over the period to 2050 that will help deliver improved air quality and less congestion. Through our participation on the National Water Forum, we will continue to support efforts to improve the quality of rivers, lakes and ground water, with associated benefits for tourism and sport.

We are also working alongside the Environmental Protection Agency to encourage waste prevention and resource efficiency. Ibec has conducted research to assess attitudes and intentions amongst CEOs regarding the European Commission’s Circular Economy initiative. We hope to build on this through engaging with a wide range of businesses and stakeholders and to demonstrate strong thought leadership on the issue.


Building a low carbon economy pdf | 6265 kb

The Ibec Podcast

Changing the World of Plastics

30 January 2019 - Guest host Jonathan McCrea talks to David Baker of RPC Group, expert in plastics innovation. What is the plastics packaging grading system and how can business use plastics technology to help create a sustainable future?

The Ibec Podcast

Dr. Mark Esposito and the Circular Economy

13 April 2018 - Interview with Dr. Mark Esposito, Harvard University, on how the business community can benefit from embracing the circular economy. 


Ibec Circular Economy report in association with EPA pdf | 3066.9 kb