People and talent are key drivers of economic success in a globalised world. Increasingly, it is the location of talent that attracts investment, rather than the other way around.

Unfortunately, following a period of economic recession and under-investment, Ireland has lost ground in international ‘liveability’ stakes. Business, society and government are united in seeking to resource the country’s future well-being and to create an environment where people can both work and enjoy a good quality of life. Providing solutions to these problems is at the heart of Ibec’s Better Lives, Better Business campaign. Ibec aims to influence the public debate and decision makers to ensure that our built environment and infrastructure improves people’s quality of life.  For business, planning for sustainable communities, a clean environment and high-quality public amenities is critical.

This report shows why Ireland’s planning consent and appeals system needs reforming.  In doing so it builds on the findings and recommendations of an earlier Ibec publication that focused on improving housing supply and affordability. Efforts by government and business to address the worsening shortage of housing and problems of inadequate infrastructure  are being hindered by a planning regime that is unnecessarily costly, slow and cumbersome.  An overhaul is urgently needed to help underpin Ireland’s economic prosperity.

A streamlined planning system will not on its own accelerate the construction of new homes sufficiently to meet pent-up demand. Nor will it automatically ensure the timely delivery of essential public amenities such as new or upgraded roads, water supplies, sewage treatment plants and electricity networks. A growing proportion of planning decisions are being challenged in the High Court, especially for large scale projects. Ibec’s Better Housing report proposed the automatic fast-tracking of all residential planning hearings in the Commercial Court and called for measures to reduce the incidence of baseless challenges. Ibec believes such measures should apply to planning-related judicial reviews in general, rather than simply residential ones.


Better Planning: reforms for sustainable development pdf | 2020 kb

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07 December 2018 - Ibec's regional insights series brought us on the road to engage with members in every region of the country. In this episode business leaders in the West discuss the positives in the region but also the very serious challenges they currently face. How can these challenges be addressed so that business in the region can thrive?