Global Economic Outlook Q4 2018

The Irish economy comes into 2019 on the back of growing employment, wages, and incomes. Business investment is at record levels and the global footprint of Irish companies has never been larger. Ten years on from the crisis our globalised business model delivered an improvement in living standards that many did not think was possible. The coming years will be pivotal for the Irish economy as challenges to globalisation manifest in our closest economic partners. We expect that the economy will continue to grow strongly
in 2019, however, this growth will be weaker than in recent years as we are now at a mature phase of the business cycle with the economy close to capacity. These forecasts are based on the assumption that an agreement on Brexit is reached. If this does not happen, 2019 will be significantly more challenging. Feedback from our members
suggests that many sectors are facing a more difficult period in the months ahead due to a weak Sterling and continued Brexit uncertainty. It is crucial that Government now seeks to ramp up no-deal planning by putting further supports for enterprise stabilisation, cash-flow and diversification in place.

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