#BeSound campaign

July 29, 2021

Our #BeSound campaign highlights how we all have our part to play to ensure our favourite pubs, bars and restaurants remain safe and enjoyable for all. Sample tweets are below along with some digital elements you might like to use across your own channels. 

If you have any queries regarding the campaign, contact Drinks Ireland Campaign Manager emma.obrien@ibec.ie 

Sample tweets:

  • Consumers are urged to #BeSound when visiting hospitality venues in the coming weeks, as pubs begin to welcome greater numbers back. People are asked to respect the guidelines, respect the staff and respect each other. #BeSound @DrinksIreland
  • We’re all well-used to the safety measures in the hospitality sector. While there are a number of required measures, things may vary from venue to venue, and everyone’s asked to respect the guidelines. #BeSound @DrinksIreland.
  • Remember to respect the staff in pubs. They’re working hard to make sure everyone has a good time, and are kept safe, so be patient, respectful and follow their guidance. #BeSound @DrinkIreland
  • Customers play a big part in creating the atmosphere we all know and love in pubs, and we’re all encouraged to #BeSound and respect each other, to ensure the experience is enjoyable for all. #BeSound @DrinksIreland