Informed choices: Career guidance in an uncertain world

Ireland needs a re-imagined national lifelong career guidance provision to ensure that individuals are engaging their talents and fulfilling their potential against the backdrop of an unpredictable and dynamic future.
Appropriate and effective career guidance information and career management skills are necessary to enable individuals to make informed decisions about their abilities, interests, ambitions and future. This would facilitate individuals becoming skilled career decision-makers and encourage them to manage their choices and progression through education, training and employment repeatedly over the course of their lifetimes.
Effective career guidance has the potential to improve the efficiency of the education system, prevent early school leaving, promote a tighter connection between education and work, extend the length of careers, support economic and labour market goals and support social equity and inclusion. It is also a critical support to enable citizens to have rewarding and fulfilled working lives.
Unfortunately, Ireland’s current career guidance provision is fragmented and inconsistent and is not meeting the needs of people faced with a changing world of work. This report considers two elements of how this can be addressed:

1) a long-term vision for an all-encompassing, fully integrated ‘cradle to grave’  careers and advisory system, and

2) a more immediate and urgent need to support the second level school  system through a specialist careers advisory service supported by the  National Training Fund.


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