Stout and food pairings to enjoy this International Stout Day

November 03, 2021

Irish stouts are known and loved the world over, and with International Stout Day taking place tomorrow (4th November), the Irish sector is encouraging everyone to toast their favourite stout.

According to Drinks Ireland|Beer, which represents Irish beer producers, stout is popular during the colder autumn and winter months and is perfect to pair with a range of different hearty comfort foods.

As the brewing sector moves towards a recovery in the latter half of 2021, more stout products have come on stream, even some non-alcoholic variants.

Jonathan McDade, Head of Drinks Ireland|Beer said:

“With hospitality venues now open, Irish stout makers are looking positively to the future. We’d encourage everyone to raise a glass of their favourite Irish stout to celebrate International Stout Day. Irish stout continues to be hugely popular both at home and abroad and while the sector was hit hard by Covid-19, 2020 saw 466 million litres of stout being brewed in Ireland, illustrating its scale here.

To mark international day, Drinks Ireland|Beer has a range of food suggestions that can be paired with your favourite stout at home or in your favourite hospitality venue:

  • Szechuan Chinese Kung Pao Chicken
  • Loin and mushrooms and a cherry sauce
  • A platter of oysters
  • BBQ dark meats covered in creamy and rich sauce
  • Coffee and dark chocolate desserts 

Media contact – Colin Taylor, Q4PR, 0864671748