Wine Market Report 2019

July 23, 2020

2019 saw a 1.42% increase in wine sales. In addition, wine has made some ground in its overall sales share of the alcohol market by 0.2% to 27.2%. Wine comfortably remains the nation’s second favourite alcohol beverage, after beer. However, the per capita consumption rate has continued to decline, with a 1.4% reduction in 2019. This decline in per capita consumption is in line with the overall downward trend in alcohol consumption.

In terms of sales patterns, Drinks Ireland | Wine estimates that around 83% of wine sold in 2019 was in the off-trade sector. As for the variants, the popularity of rosé continues to grow with an estimated 6% share of the wine market, almost double the share since 2016. White wine is still the most popular with a 48% share with red wine at 46%.


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