Irish Spirits Market Report 2019

September 01, 2020

This is the fourth industry and market report issued by Drinks Ireland | Spirits and you will see it illustrates the continued strength of the Irish spirits sector in 2019. Of course, that was then and now, to borrow words put to paper by William Butler Yeats, “all is changed, changed utterly”.

The data in this report predates the Covid-19 crisis which is having a significant impact on the spirits sector in terms of production, exports, and sales. This report details the sector’s performance at a time when the economy was performing well. In many ways this report represents a lodestar to where the sector is looking to return to in the coming years. 2019 is the benchmark for the Irish spirits sector as it seeks to recover from the Covid-19 crisis.

Irish Spirits Market Report 2019 pdf | 5845.1 kb