Student accommodation crisis must be addressed to safeguard Ireland’s talent pipeline

September 02, 2022

Ibec, the group that represents Irish business, congratulates all students receiving their Leaving Certificate results today.

Meadhbh Costello, Ibec Policy Executive, stated: “Today’s results are the culmination of years of hard work for students who faced significant disruption during their studies. Students should be proud of their achievements and the resilience and personal leadership which they have demonstrated. While students await their CAO offers, it is important to remember that there are many pathways for training and education across Further and Higher Education which are highly valued by employers and can lead to exciting careers, including apprenticeships and traineeships.”

To support students to continue their learning, the crisis in student accommodation must be addressed. The growing number of students pursuing full-time education is creating an unprecedented demand for student accommodation. However, a lack of suitable and affordable housing is a barrier to participation in education.

Aidan Sweeney, Ibec Head of Enterprise and Regulatory Affairs, said “The choice of where and what to study is exciting for students. It should be determined by interest and merit, not circumstance. Not everyone can commute to college from home. Students are particularly exposed to the country’s housing shortages due to the ever-shrinking supply of student residence placement, and the sparse availability in the private rental sector. They urgently need access to quality, safe and affordable accommodation.


“A vibrant student population is an important aspect of the economic and social life across the country. Students naturally want to live on or close to their university or college campus. The crisis in student housing could have a significant impact upon the quality of student life and on future regional economic growth. Short term measures must be accompanied by concrete steps to increase the supply of student accommodation over the coming years. We must ensure that Ireland remains an attractive county to live, work and study in.”