Ibec welcomes Metrolink announcement

July 05, 2022

Ibec, the group that represents Irish business, has welcomed the announcement from Government of its approval of the MetroLink project. MetroLink will contribute to the development of a more accessible, integrated, and efficient transport network in Dublin. 

Aidan Sweeney, Ibec Dublin & Eastern Region spokesperson said: “Metrolink is needed for the development of an integrated and sustainable public transport network that will meet future demand in Dublin. As we transition to a net-zero society by 2050, a wholesale return to pre-COVID commuting patterns must be avoided. As it stands, Dublin is far too car dependent.

“Metrolink will offer a significant public transport option for people travelling between Dublin city centre and serving the growing population in Fingal and across north Dublin. The new rail link offers improved quality of life for residents and workers through shorter commutes, better air quality, and more leisure time. People will also benefit from improved accessibility to Dublin Airport, which is attractive to tourists and supports the further enhancement of Dublin’s experience economy. 

“Enhanced public transport provision can allow people to choose where they want to live and work, rather than having these decisions dictated by circumstance. It will support the compact, urban growth strategy needed for the metropolitan area. Enabling Dublin to be better functioning, more sustainable and vibrant will ensure sustainable economic growth and social advancement.

“These ‘mega projects’ take time and require considerable investment. It is also important to access private finance. MetroLink’s delivery strategy must be seen as credible and timely. Steps need to be taken to ensure the planning system and timelines, and the public procurement process itself does delay this strategic piece of infrastructure. Dublin’s economy and society must be able to benefit from Metrolink as quickly as possible.”