Engineering Industries Ireland launches new strategy with ambitious plans for the sector to 2025

February 16, 2022

Engineering Industries Ireland, the Ibec group that represents the engineering sector in Ireland, today announced the launch of their Strategy 2022 – 2025, “Engineering a better future” setting out four key pillars and key strategic objectives to support the ambitious development of engineering industries in Ireland.

 Marking the launch, Managing Director Cartamundi Irl &UK and Chairperson of Engineering Industries Ireland, Barry Morrissey said: “Our Vision is for Ireland to be a global engineering centre of excellence, where multinationals and home-grown companies collaborate strategically to help companies become more sustainable, innovate, prosper and drive economic growth. 

“The Strategy highlights key goals to support the development of an innovation ecosystems for engineering industries and encourage companies to play a leading role in the development of new technologies and sustainable products and services.

“It also commits to support engineering companies to play a leading role in climate change to achieve Ireland’s 2030 emissions targets of 51% (from 2018 levels) and in the development of new sustainable products and processes. 

“In the skilled labour market, an overheating of the market can be observed; the lack of specialised or niche skills is holding back the upswing of the engineering industries in Ireland. The strategy sets out key objectives to develop and attract talent to the sector and to foster engagement and promote lifelong learning.”

Pauline O’ Flanagan, Head of Engineering Industries Ireland said: “We encourage and embrace a progressive and value-driven regulatory ecosystem that sustains the evolution of the engineering industries in Ireland. Setting out the strategic pillars and key objectives of the Strategy, highlights the importance of collaboration for business with the wider ecosystems in order to develop a more sustainable business model for the future”.

Ibec Director of Membership and Sectors Sharon Higgins added: “A thriving engineering industry is vital to Ireland’s economic success, as a growing number of businesses locate in regions with a strong engineering base. The engineered products and sub supply sector is growing, with exports of €8 billion annually.” 

Engineering Industries Ireland represents a broad range of engineering companies in Ireland in terms of size, scale and product, 3.6% of national exports. There are over 10,800 enterprises, employing 50,751 people and 65% are indigenous companies. The companies span a broad range of markets, including, automotive, energy and environment, construction and agriculture as well as core elements of the sub supply including machinery and equipment markets, paper and printing as well as basic and fabricated metals.