Ireland's opportunity to be a leading voice in Europe

February 10, 2022

Ibec, the group that represents Irish business, has said that Ireland has an opportunity to be a leading voice within the European Union to collectively address the pressing challenges and opportunities of our times, including climate change, digital transformation and maximising growth through open trade and investment. 

The call comes as Ibec launches “Stronger Europe, Stronger Ireland: Competitive, Innovative, Sustainable, and Open”, a major new campaign outlining the priorities of Irish business on the Future of Europe to ensure the EU institutions deliver ambitious policies to the benefit of business, workers, and citizens.

Speaking at the virtual launch of the campaign this morning, Ibec CEO Danny McCoy said: “As we approach 50 years since Ireland joined the European Union, the support of Irish citizens at 83 percent remains among the highest across the continent and is consistent with the 1972 vote in support of membership. 

“Underpinned by our membership in the European community, Ireland has transformed from economic laggards to one of the fastest growing, substantial economies in the world. 

“Ireland now finds itself as a net contributor and one of the eight longest-serving EU member states, and as such we must strengthen our position as a leading voice for an open, outward-looking, and pro-enterprise EU. This is even more important following the departure of the UK. Now is the time for Ireland to be a leading influencer to ensure the EU retains the economic approach and philosophy which has characterised its success.

“By working closely with like-minded member states, Ireland can play a central role in ensuring the EU delivers on the challenges of our time and concentrates on its ‘raisons d’être’.” 

As the EU reflects on its future, this campaign sets out the views of Irish business on how the EU can deliver ambitious policies to the benefit of business, workers, and citizens, across four primary pillars:

An EU that is focused on its strengths and competitiveness. 
An EU that leads an inclusive and innovative digital decade. 
An EU that puts sustainability at the heart of our prosperity.
An EU that is open for trade and investment

Ibec’s “Stronger Europe, Stronger Ireland: Competitive, Innovative, Sustainable, and Open” campaign was launched virtually today by European Commissioner for Financial Stability, Financial Services and the Capital Markets Union, Mairead McGuinness, Ibec President and President of Aramark Northern Europe, Frank Gleeson, and Chair of Ibec’s EU Affairs and Trade Policy Committee Edel Creely.


Ibec - Stronger Europe Report pdf | 1023.9 kb