Ibec welcomes approval of Galway City Ring Road

December 08, 2021

Ibec, the group that represents Irish business, welcomes An Bord Pleanála’s (ABP) approval of the N6 Galway City Ring Road (GCRR), stating: 

“The GCRR is an infrastructure project of national significance and a key growth enabler for the entire West region. The Galway Transport Strategy places an emphasis on delivering sustainable transport solutions. The GCRR is a core component of the strategy, providing more space for sustainable modes of travel such as walking, cycling, and public transport in the metropolitan area, to support planned population growth, in a compact and sustainable manner.   

“The ring road will support improved mobility in the city. It will tackle the city’s congestion challenges by reducing the number of cars, creating a city centre more conducive to walking and cycling, and more efficient for cross city public transport journeys. This will lead to improved quality of life for residents and workers and make the city more liveable and attractive. Addressing bottlenecks and traffic congestion in the city centre will also reduce vehicle emissions and support ambitious climate action and sustainable development commitments.    

“The GCRR is long overdue and urgently needed to meet existing and future city transport needs. It is a vital enabler for strong, balanced, and sustainable growth and its delivery must be a priority in the short-term.”