FDI welcomes launch of Department of Health Reformulation Roadmap

December 03, 2021

Food Drink Ireland (FDI), the Ibec group representing the food and drink sector, welcomes the Department of Health’s newly launched Reformulation Roadmap.
Commenting on today’s announcement, Elizabeth Bowen, Prepared Consumer Foods (PCF) Director said: “Reformulation is one of the most effective ways in which the food and drink industry can contribute to reducing obesity and improve public health. Reformulation is ongoing in the Irish food and drink industry and FDI has tracked the sectors successful efforts to reduce saturated fat, salt, and sugar in our 2019 report “The Evolution of Food and Drink in Ireland, 2005-2017”.”

The Evolution of Food and Drink in Ireland, 2005-2017 report found that for direct reformulation of products on the market between 2005 and 2017:
Sodium reduced by 28%
Saturated fat reduced by 10.1%
Sugar reduced by 8%
Energy reduced by 1.6%
Total fat reduced by 0.3%

Bowen added: “Any policy on reformulation will only be effective if meaningful engagement takes place with the food and drink industry. FDI welcomed the opportunity to be consulted on the Roadmap in 2019 and looks forward to engaging with the Task Force to ensure the success of the reformulation programme. 

“For small indigenous food companies, the technical challenges of reformulation and the time required to reformulate some products must be acknowledged. State supports will be needed to assist SME’s in addressing these challenges. FDI has already commenced engagement with Enterprise Ireland and the Prepared Consumer Food Centre located at Teagasc Ashtown on how best to aid companies to achieve these new reformulation targets.

“The food and drink industry is committed to ongoing engagement with the FSAI and Department of Health to improve public health.”