Financial commitment to the delivery targets in Housing for All in Budget 2022 welcomed

October 12, 2021

Property Industry Ireland (PII), the Ibec group for businesses working in the property sector, said of today’s Budget 2022 announcement: “The financial commitment to the delivery targets in Housing for All is welcome.”

PII Director, Dr. David Duffy stated: “The focus of any housing market measures needs to be on how they will increase the supply of housing.

“The extension of the Help-To-Buy scheme to the end of 2022 is an important support for supply. However, the announced review must take place early and quickly to avoid uncertainty and allow the continued delivery of housing.

“PII look forward to working with Government to understand the detail on how it intends to implement the Zoned Land Tax. The primary stated objective of the tax is to increase the supply of housing. PII are keen to help policy makers ensure this measure increases housing supply, while avoiding any unintended consequences on viability. Additional taxes increase the cost of delivering houses. In addition, there are a range of reasons why such land may not already be developed. In this regard the already announced review of the planning system, including the impact of judicial reviews, is paramount and urgent.”