Business welcomes ambition of National Development Plan

October 04, 2021

Ibec, the group that represents Irish business, has said that today’s National Development Plan is an important next step in the delivery of an ambitious programme of world class public services and infrastructure development. It is imperative that the programme achieves successful delivery in securing sustainable, inclusive, and resilient growth that can support better lives and better business. 

Ibec Director of Lobbying & Influence, Fergal O’Brien said: “The publication of the revised National Development Plan comes at a crucial time for the country. The coming years will be challenging for the Irish economy and society. But with the right choices, those challenges can provide us with the opportunity to reimagine a stronger, more sustainable, and ultimately more competitive Ireland. 

“Ibec had consistently called for a robust public capital investment programme which reflects the demands of the economy, and we laud the scale of ambition in today’s plan. The NDP must reflect the increased ambition on climate change, backing it with the necessary investment while it is imperative that housing is treated as strategic infrastructure to maintain the strongest commitment to delivering the housing targets set out.

“NDP delivery must address the ongoing infrastructure deficits in the regions that have the potential to exacerbate regional disparities, while providing opportunities to improve the productivity of business on an all-island basis. It is welcome that the NDP is supporting enhanced connectivity and accessibility across our regions, including the completion of our road network as well as digitally through the roll-out of high-speed broadband and next generation telecommunication infrastructure.”

Ibec added that for the NDP to achieve its purpose and realise a meaningful improvement in quality of life, it must demonstrate a bold ambition to radically improve capital project delivery timelines. Ibec welcomed the commitment to advance the necessary changes to procurement and planning processes.