Ibec calls for a balanced and transparent decision-making process on reopening timeline

June 25, 2021

Ibec, the group that represents Irish business, has today called for a balanced and transparent decision-making process on the reopening timeline.

Commenting on public debate around the potential to review the reopening of indoor hospitality scheduled for July, Sharon Higgins, Ibec Director of Membership and Sectors, said: “Any decision on this needs to take all of the societal impacts into account. The context in which we are operating has changed dramatically and, while the health consequences are an important dimension, so too are the livelihoods of those driving Ireland’s Experience Economy.

“The Experience economy encompasses: hospitality, retail, travel, food, drink, tourism, entertainment, and technology. It reaches deep into the supply chain, supporting business and employment in many of the hard to reach but critical elements of the economy and society. To consider delaying the reopening of this significant part of our economy during peak holiday season lacks any perspective on those most impacted by the pandemic, including; the consumer, be they senior citizens or young people, or the providers across the regions, be they large or small businesses, suppressed for well over a year.”