CSO data highlight impact of Covid restrictions on planning permissions

June 11, 2021

Property Industry Ireland (PII), the Ibec group for businesses working in the property sector, said today’s data from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) show planning permissions in Q1 were severely impacted by restrictions imposed due to COVID-19. 
PII Director, Dr. David Duffy stated: "The CSO data published today on the low level of planning permissions in Q1 reflects the impact of the lockdown. It highlights the urgent need to accelerate the move towards e-planning and the ability to submit applications digitally. 
“Over 2,900 homes were granted planning permission in Q1 under the SHD process. Of these, 50% of the SHD permissions granted are subject to judicial review – substantially delaying the start of building and supply into the market. PII see an urgent need to reform the judicial review process to ensure that housing supply can respond to the need for homes. Of the close to 27,000 SHD homes that got planning permission in 2020 around 37% have been subject to judicial review.”