Business responds to Government Living with Covid-19 plan

February 23, 2021

In response to the Government’s updated Living with Covid Plan, Ibec has called for substantial scaling of business liquidity and cashflow supports for severely impacted sectors, particularly those operating in the experience economy. Such supports are vital to address the fixed costs for mid-sized and larger employers in particular, as current fixed-amount grants are lower proportionately for them. 

Aligned with the immediate introduction of greater supports, Government must also significantly enhance its investment in the ongoing management of Covid with regards to antigen testing, track and trace systems, and strategies for local containment measures if needed in the future.  

Societal and economic post-Covid success will emanate from ambitious investment and a well-managed Covid response system. This, along with vaccine roll out, will also require a review by Government of safe reopening opportunities for different sectors of business should take place. A risk-based approach to the roadmap is needed, whereby Government continuously reviews safe reopening opportunities for different elements of business, dependent on progress of vaccine rollout and management of virus.  

A continued model of support after reopening is finally achieved will be required also to assist firms back to full operation. 

Ibec CEO Danny McCoy said: “While the public health measures remain the absolute imperative, Government must prioritise the reopening of school and look to social and capital investment requirements to mitigate scarring and societal inequality from the crisis.”