New Ibec survey reveals extent of business uncertainty from COVID-19

March 27, 2020

Unprecedented levels of uncertainty around business continuity is the key finding of a major new national business survey conducted on 23 / 24 March 2020, the first by Ibec, the group the represents Irish business, since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in Ireland.
Almost nine out of 10 businesses (86%) cited the uncertainty around the continuity of their business as a challenge at this time. Cost containment (78%), reduced / lost sales (72%), supply chain disruption (68%) and difficulty with remote working (64%) were also key challenges currently facing Irish business.
Commenting, Fergal O’Brien, Director of Policy and Public Affairs, said: “The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on business and society globally. The impact on business in Ireland has been dramatic on a macro level and in our survey the most immediate challenge facing many businesses is how to continue to operate in a vastly altered business landscape. 
“Even with the best planning and risk management in the world, the nature of this pandemic is very different to previous economic shocks. The sweeping nature of the restrictions imposed by the public health imperative has resulted in a huge supply side impact which has widespread implications in terms of lost sales, supply chain disruption and the need to contain costs. 
“Since the onset of the crisis, Ibec has consistently made the case that we must prevent this supply side shock cascading into a demand shock which would permanently close some businesses and challenge the recovery.”
The Ibec survey also asked employers about the range of supports they are offering employees with 44% of respondents providing additional supports to employees working remotely, 40% providing online technology training to employees, and 35% offering additional supports to employees with childcare responsibilities. 
The Ibec survey was conducted on 23 / 24 March 2020, with responses from 440 companies across Ireland. Almost two in five of respondents were from companies with 50 employees or fewer, while just over one in five responses were from organisations with over 250 employees. 


COVID-19 Business Challenges - Ibec Research pdf | 731.5 kb