Ibec supports Covid-19 measures announced by Government

March 12, 2020

Ibec, the group that represents Irish business, has said that business will support the measures announced by Government this morning to effectively address and limit the spread of Covid-19.  
Ibec CEO Danny McCoy said: “Safeguarding the protection of public health and wellbeing remain the outstanding priority for all societal stakeholders at this challenging time. Business will take a strong leadership role and support whatever measures are required to address this unprecedented health challenge.
“Employers must do their part to actively support the Delay Phase of Covid-19. Practically for companies, this means the implementation of remote working and flexible working, insofar as possible, and to support employees to operate in the best interests of public health advice in order to limit and slow down the spread of the virus.

“There will be severe disruption to enterprise and the State needs to be flexible in supporting the cash flow needs of businesses to avoid large scale job losses.”