Ibec calls for new national social dialogue to address quality of life issues

February 12, 2020

Ibec, the group that represents Irish business, has called for the convening of a new national social dialogue and a new Commission on Taxation to assist the next Government address the major business, societal and environmental challenges posed to Ireland over the next decade to 2030.

In a speech to the annual Ibec Business Leaders Conference 2020, Ibec CEO Danny McCoy outlined why Ireland needs to build a new national consensus to help provide solutions to these challenges. A new social dialogue forum would consist of a range of stakeholders including business representative groups, trade unions, NGOs and other players in the civil society arena. Ibec has already had a positive initial contact with the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) in this regard.

Commenting, Mr McCoy, said: “Over the last couple of years, Ibec has called for wide-ranging infrastructural initiatives and reforms as part of its Better Lives, Better Business campaign. It has been clear from our members that quality of life issues such as childcare, congestion, environmental, housing and public services are posing significant challenges to employers and employees alike.

“While there is understandably a lot of noise currently in the post-election environment, it is imperative that we in business and civil society discern the signal that is being sent. There is now a renewed urgency to solving these major problems facing the country. Ireland is now experiencing major political fragmentation and it is more important than ever that we find a mechanism to help move the country forward through effective policymaking. 

“Ibec believes that a new social dialogue forum, similar to what has worked successfully in Nordic countries, and a new Commission on Taxation have the potential to help deliver sustainable solutions over the next decade across the economy, environment and society.”

A full copy of the speech is avaialble below.

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Ibec Business Leaders Conference - Danny McCoy speech pdf | 181.2 kb