MII statement following meeting of the Beef Taskforce

December 03, 2019

Following a meeting of the Beef Taskforce today, Meat Industry Ireland said there had been constructive discussion and engagement on the wide range of actions set out in the Irish Beef Sector Agreement. At the outset, the Chairman noted that all participants re-affirmed their commitment to bring any future disputes, in the first instance, to the Beef Taskforce.


MII said many of the actions, as set out in the Agreement of 15th September, are being progressed, but there remains further work to be done, which all parties are committed to. The recently launched Bord Bia Market Tracker was welcomed by all as it brings greater transparency on price performance here compared to our main export markets.


MII said clearly the current cattle price level was a major issue at the meeting, with strong calls from all the farm organisations that prices would improve immediately.  MII undertook to relay that message to members. MII also indicated at the meeting that while there are some more positive developments in markets, in the UK, EU or internationally, it is taking time for this to feed through on Irish sales values. However there are green shoots in the market and these should hopefully feed through in terms of positive price developments soon.