MII confirms it is entering talks to resolve beef dispute

September 13, 2019

MII members today welcomed the progress made in the last 24 hours aimed at resuming talks to resolve the beef dispute.  We are committed to working constructively to resolve the situation, and have always been ready to participate in talks, but only when negotiations could take place in good faith. 

We know farmers want to be able to sell their cattle, we know employees want to get back to work, and we know customers want their orders for quality Irish beef to be fulfilled. All parties need to focus now on delivery of these goals and on finding a prompt resolution.  

As requested by the Minister, beef slaughtering operations will remain suspended in blockaded plants during the talks.  However, existing limited stocks of beef must be allowed have free movement in/out of meat plants. This is critical to avoiding further loss of domestic and export customers for Irish beef which would be to the long-term detriment of the sector.  MII has also insisted on an immediate resumption of sheep slaughtering in the two West of Ireland affected dual species plants to alleviate a serious build-up of factory ready lambs in the most sheep intensive region of the country.