MII responds to call for talks from Minister Michael Creed

September 05, 2019

Following Minister Creed’s statement, Meat Industry Ireland (MII) said that the industry welcomes the opportunity to participate in a new round of talks to end the current impasse with a view to securing a return to the normal business of the beef sector. The processing sector has been seriously hampered by protests and blockades in recent weeks which have served no useful purpose but instead have severely impacted domestic and international customers of Irish beef, farmers seeking to deliver factory ready cattle for processing, and meat industry employees across the country.  

For these reasons, processors were forced to take legal action in order to limit the damage being caused to their businesses. While such action was a last resort, it was not a step that companies wished to take or indeed took lightly. The injunctions were granted based on the evidence presented of illegal blockades and commercial damages caused to the businesses concerned.

If a process of engagement can now be secured by the Minister, MII members will defer further legal proceedings, so that these talks can happen. We expect that protest action at the plants will equally be suspended.