Irish Medtech Association launch The Medtech Entrepreneur

June 07, 2019

Today for the fifth annual European Medtech Week the Irish Medtech Association, the Ibec group that represents the sector, has launched “The Medtech Entrepreneur”. This is a special publication (see attached) with more than 50 interviews with CEOs, founders and business leaders on their experience starting and growing a medtech business in Ireland. 

Irish Medtech Association Director Sinead Keogh said: “European MedTech Week is an opportunity to improve awareness and understanding of the medtech sector. While Ireland is internationally recognised as one of the top five global medtech hubs with nine of the world’s top 10 medtech companies having a base here, we want to put a spotlight on the entrepreneurs developing transformative medical technology across the country. Over the past 20 years we’ve started to see passionate serial entrepreneurs in the medtech sector tackle unmet patient needs by starting one business after another to drive innovation that saves lives. We’re delighted to recognise them in The Medtech Entrepreneur.” 

Irish Medtech Association’s Executive responsible for entrepreneurship Ciara Finlay, said: “CEOs and Founders of Irish businesses share their experience and advice with us in The Medtech Entrepreneur on reaching key milestones from identifying unmet clinical needs and conducting clinical trials, to attracting funding, demonstrating safety and getting regulatory approval. This special publication gives aspiring entrepreneurs access to unparalleled insights from experienced mentors and a roadmap to help them on their journey to success.” 

Irish Medtech Association Chair and FIRE1 CEO Conor Hanley said: “It’s our ambition to make Ireland one of the top 10 global startup communities. We have an incredible medtech ecosystem that’s continuously striving to enhance Ireland’s position as a location of choice to do business, but now we need the Government to build on the successful initiatives of the past and ensure we’ve the right policies to compete as we plan for the future. 

“The Irish Medtech Association is calling on the Government to introduce policies that help startups and homegrown businesses attract and retain talent with share options, entice more venture capital investors to our vibrant ecosystem, and to encourage reinvestment with a more competitive CGT rate. The Medtech Entrepreneur showcases our success in growing medtech businesses but more needs to be done to secure the sustainable growth of homegrown companies.” 


Medtech Entrepreneur 2019 pdf | 10982.3 kb