Going Global from Ireland

Going Global from Ireland is in our DNA. Ireland is small open economy with a global outlook. We are a location of choice for FDI investment and home to worldclass startups. Our business model is underscored by substance and has helped us achieve a global footprint. We can apply this to digital health by delivering solutions across boundaries and borders. Ireland’s unique ecosystem with leading digital health, medtech, pharma, and tech companies can make us a global digital health powerhouse.

Digital health companies and partnerships

Innovation through collaboration / Tyndall National Institute

Dr Paul Galvin, Head of the ICT for Health Programmes and Head of the Life Sciences Interface Group at the Tyndall National Institute

Tyndall,  Ireland’s largest Research and Technology Organisation (RTO), specialises in micro-nano-electronics, photonics and smart systems. “We are one of Ireland’s six national labs that carries out research in both fundamental and applied research,” says Paul Galvin. We focus on four pillars around an ‘ABCD ecosystem’, that combines academic, business and clinical stakeholders, as well as experts in design thinking.”

“We always want to ensure that we have the globally leading research capabilities and expertise to deliver solutions needed, to support the ecosystem, and our industry partners. This ensures that we can attract investments for next generation digital healthtech research and innovation and support new product development.”

Innovation through collaboration Tyndall pdf | 435.1 kb

Creating the right solutions / S3 Connected Health

Jim O’Donoghue, President of S3 Connected Health, and Chair of the Ibec Digital Health Working Group

“The Covid-19 crisis has underlined the importance of embracing digital solutions to improve patient outcomes and facilitate more efficient care.”

The company partners with pharma companies to develop digital therapeutics and digital therapy management solutions for patients and clinicians in areas including neurology, immunology, respiratory, and cardiology. “For example, we partnered with Biogen to develop a digital solution for a disease, which allows clinical teams to assess, monitor and track the disease progression… We also developed a digital solution for the management of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) with leading pharmaceutical company Merck… [and with] leading health technology company Philips, we developed a wearable device for the treatment of positional sleep apnoea.”

“Ireland has clinicians willing to provide their clinical insight, local partners who have specialist skills, key leaders, and research collaborators.” 

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How apps help deliver care at home / BlueBridge Technologies

Garret Coady, CEO, BlueBridge Technologies

“We have a particular niche speciality in blending technology developments with the regulatory requirements needed in the connected health space,” says Garret. “There are three Ps of why using software can improve healthcare: Precision – with better technology, better diagnostics, and better therapeutics, there is more accurate diagnostics or more precise treatment. Prevention – using technology to diagnose the condition before it progresses into something that requires expensive hospital care; and Personalisation – with a data set specific to the individual, particular health care can be tailored for a patient. This way, you get less of a one-size-fits-all type health care approach, so you make things more efficient and targeted.”

BlueBridge Technologies has partnered with companies such as Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Novartis, Cook Medical, Roche and West Pharma, to name a few. Companies outsource their research, development, and engineering to BlueBridge to create technologies for them.

“Ireland has a workforce, with the skilled graduates that we, as a company and part of an industry, need. The availability of talent from the manufacturing, medtech, pharma, and technology sectors are all required on the frontline to create these solutions. That blend of cultures is why we are able to deliver on the promise of digital health. That's what makes it such a fascinating area to work in and that’s what keeps us innovating for the future.” 

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