Going Global from Ireland

Leading the way in respiratory diagnostic devices / Vitalograph

Frank Keane, CEO of Vitalograph

Vitalograph provides a wide variety of precise, intuitive, Bluetooth-enabled devices that are used in respiratory healthcare settings worldwide. These include spirometers, lung and asthma monitors, COPD screeners, medical workstations, as well as software and consumables. Frank Keane believes that when it comes to supporting and enhancing respiratory care, digital health has changed. “Before, digital health was all technology-led and about how technology can solve every problem in the world. But now, it’s more clinically-led and that’s key.”

Frank says Ireland is a global hub for digital health activity. “There is a huge digital foundation in Ireland… We have good regulatory knowledge, ICT knowledge and digital skillset. There’s great support here from organisations such as Ibec and Enterprise Ireland. The business supports in Ireland are second-to-none.”

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Next generation of disruptive healthcare technologies / OneProjects

Founded by Fionn Lahart and Christoph Hennersperger in 2017, OneProjects is a medical device company based in Dublin and Munich. It originated from an idea the founders had while in Bioinnovate Ireland in Galway in 2016, a global centre for medical technology innovation. Together they started their business, OneProjects, which specialises in cardiac imaging innovations.

After discussing different unmet clinical needs that needed solutions, they realised that a disease called atrial fibrillation (AFib) was a massive issue on a global scale. This is a heart rhythm disorder, or irregular heartbeat, which can lead to blood clots, stroke, and heart failure. Caused by abnormal electrical activity in the heart, patients are highly symptomatic with a dramatically increased risk to develop other diseases. There are more than 38.8 million people suffering from AFib globally, with 4.5 million new cases every year. 

Creating the next generation of disruptive healthcare technologies pdf | 407.2 kb

Improving health outcomes / MedTech Europe

MedTech Europe Director of Digital Health Michael Strübin

“No country in Europe can say they have sufficient numbers of health care professionals, or guarantee that they will not have a workforce supply problem in future. Digital health can help automate many tasks to take this pressure off the workforce to help them focus on more specialist activities.”

“MedTech Europe engages with policymakers and it has set out specific recommendations to improve the future of healthcare, deliver a sustainable recovery and ensure economic resilience. The first recommendation that Michael highlights is to build on the Covid-19 digital health momentum… We also need to advance the European Health Data Space… Lastly we need new models for developing and deploying AI.  

MedTech Europe Profile - Improving health outcomes pdf | 484.5 kb

At the heart of digital health innovation / FIRE1

FIRE1 President and CEO Conor Hanley

“Heart failure is causing a big strain on Ireland, as well as globally, and there is more pressure on hospitals, especially in the current climate. I think that has really catalysed the market need for digital health products, and the interest of patients taking more power to control their health too.”

“There are a number of reasons The Foundry [a US based medtech incubator] chose Ireland as a location to launch FIRE1, Europe has historically been a great location for medical device innovation, and Ireland is well placed to be a world leader in the provision of connected health solutions.”

At the heart of digital health innovation pdf | 244.7 kb

Digital monitoring of patient care / Boston Scientific

Boston Scientific VP of Operations Conor Russell

“Some of our devices [such as, implantable cardioverter defibrillators and neurostimulators] deliver therapy for many years after implant, so streamlining the follow up process is essential to reducing any overall burden on the healthcare system and helping patients manage their condition,

“Over the past 20 years, we have built a highly specialised team that combine software, firmware and electronic skillsets with the more traditional process, automation and science-based skillsets that we usually associate with medical devices. We are a leader in long term electronic implantable medical devices and it’s critical that we continue to build on that.”

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