Going Global from Ireland

Ireland as testbed for innovation & collaboration / HealthBeacon

HealthBeacon Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder Kieran Daly

“On average around 50% of patients are not adhering to their medication after a year according to the WHO. One of the most common delivery methods for chronic medications is self-injection. We realised that every patient needs a sharps bin in the home. So, what if we made these bins smart and allowed people to check whether they had taken their medications or not. That’s why we created HealthBeacon. 

“We have developed the business by having a trial and pilot in Ireland, and using that as a blueprint for exporting and bringing it into other markets. We have access to pharma companies and medical device companies. Being a small country makes it easy to have this type of grassroots support, which is something I don't see much in other markets.”

Ireland as testbed for innovation and collaboration pdf | 225.6 kb

Reimagining with digital transformation / Novartis

Novartis Global Service Centre Dublin Director of Data Science and Digital Solution Director for Digital Endpoints Lorcan Walsh

“To reimagine medicine, we need to reimagine the way we work. This involves combining digital and data, so that we can measure patients better within our clinical trials, reduce the medicine development timeline, and get better drugs to patients faster.

Novartis Ireland Solution Lead and Head of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Hub Dublin Ashwini Mathur, “Ireland has the same time zone as the headquarters in Basel, but Ireland is also accessible to Asia and the US… another benefit is the digital health infrastructure that exists in Ireland. This goes for both the academic setting and the corporate setting. There are niche companies doing cutting-edge digital health work.”

Reimagining pharma with digital transformation pdf | 223.3 kb