Learn / Our priorities for the education sector 

The Future of Work presents huge opportunities for Ireland, our businesses and our workforce. Education, skills and the availability of talent remains a top priority for Irish business.  A responsive and dynamic education and training system is central to developing Ireland’s human capital and future innovation capacity.  Through Ibec's campaign Smarter World, Smarter Work, we are calling for increased investment in education and skills development and for greater engagement between enterprise and education. 

Working together, Ireland’s education and training system and Irish business can create a culture for lifelong learning, place a greater focus on enhancing employability and develop the skills and attributes required in the 21st century. 

About our education team

Education, led by Claire McGee, promotes the business priorities in developing a world class education and training system that supports economic development, provides opportunities for individuals to realise their full potential and supports the wellbeing of society.  The team keeps members informed on policy through in-house briefings, policy recommendations, research and regularly runs member networking forums.

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