This programme is funded by Engineering Skillnet 

Engineering Skillnet is co-funded by Skillnet Ireland and network companies. Skillnet Ireland is funded from the National Training Fund through the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science. 


Quality is now defined as ‘creating and protecting value’ and this begins with setting an expectation of Excellence into our professional and personal goals. Quality is neither about ticking boxes or limited to meeting compliance requirements; it is an ethos and sensibility for the creation of Value. As Aristotle described – “Quality is a habit, not an act”. This Programme aims to instil a spirit of questioning, non-judgmental teamwork and attending to learning opportunities that paves the way for both Professional Excellence and Personal Well-being. A Quality Mindset helps all staff on a practical level to focus on what is most critical for customers, users, and patients.

For Engineers & Scientists:

Integrating a quality mindset into your work helps make the distinction between what works now (‘Just in Time’) and what matters most (‘Just in Case’). This Programme offers you new tools for risk-intelligent thinking.

For Quality Professionals:

Continuous Improvement requires approaching what you “always do” with fresh eyes. This Programme will help renew your professional sense of purpose and enable you with useful ways to enlist stakeholders.

For all Participants:

Setting and achieving Value is everyone’s responsibility within organisations who serve customers and patients. Identifying the virtues that support a quality culture will guide you to apply your intelligence wisely - at work and in life.


Learning outcomes


  • Understanding the foundations of a science-based approach to Quality
  •  Enabling Risk-Intelligent Decision-Making
  • Supporting interdisciplinary, collaborative Teamwork
  • Building Self-knowledge for professional efficacy and resilience
  • Helping organisations prepare for Industry 4.0 - a data-rich, interconnected and fast-moving environment

Time and Dates: 

The course runs over 5 x 2 hour workshops.


Start Date July 05, 2022
Time 10.00am
Duration 5 x 2 hours
Delegate Price Member
€200 (+VAT),
€300 (+VAT)
Location Online