Ibec’s Manufacturing Conference for Discrete Manufacturing Sectors

Led by Ibec’s Medtech, Engineering and Polymer trade associations, and supported by Food, Pharma, ICT and Telcos – this is Ibec’s largest Manufacturing Conference.

Over the course of the last two years, the world has changed so much. The Covid-19 pandemic has thrust companies into having to act faster and become extremely agile. Technology has been at the heart of allowing society work within the limitations that have been imposed in terms of working from home, communicating, and creating new and innovative solutions to deal with the crisis. Digital transformation most likely will have 5G at the heart of manufacturing as companies require access to infrastructure and solutions – including a connectivity infrastructure.

This conference will explore 5G’s transformative potential, as well as outlining the important role of operational excellence as the core fundamental ingredient for building digital transformation solutions to increase productivity, efficiency and innovation. It will also help support leaders to explore how digital transformation in manufacturing is helping companies make improved solutions to achieve sustainability goals, and facilitate the global supply of product and services, irrespective of geographic location.

This event, will provide a much-needed opportunity for leaders in the manufacturing space, to learn about the latest trends, innovations, and solutions; meet their peers, share knowledge, showcase posters on Advanced Manufacturing; Operational Excellence; Apprenticeship Programme Implementation; and Sustainability; and network.

Why attend this event?

This event will provide leaders with an opportunity to learn about global trends and geopolitical landscape;

Understand the Irish Manufacturing Ecosystem;

Learn from global leaders about their digitalisation of their operations, and share best practice case studies across engineering sectors;

Understand National and European Policies on the Digitalisation; Sustainability of its manufacturing and its supply chain.

Conference Themes

  • A Global Perspective on Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Ecosystem in Ireland and how it’s being shaped;
  • Enterprise Excellence – a new Transformation model for Ireland
  • Sustainability and Manufacturing
  • Digital Manufacturing – how far have companies moved along their Industry 4.0 Journeys
  • Supply Chains and the continued pressures

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Start Date April 06, 2022
Time 8:00 - 19:00
Duration All day
Delegate Price Member
€225 (+VAT),
€295 (+VAT)
Location Galmont Hotel
Type Conference and Summit
Contact Adrienne McDonnell