Psychological safety creates high performing teams. Where it exists, people feel free of interpersonal risk so that they can raise difficult, risky or controversial ideas without the fear of being shut down, ridiculed or punished. The best talent is wasted if people feel unable to speak up and the instinct to “fit in” and “get along” stifles new ideas, new solutions and critical thinking required for companies to innovate. In this talk we show how it starts with the leader being a role model and creating a culture where people can safely and confidently be the best they can be.


  • To demonstrate how strong and considerate leadership is now an essential requisite for an empowered inclusive, psychologically safe workplace culture. 
  • To appreciate how treating colleagues with dignity and respect through everyday regular and consistent interactions builds High Performing Teams.  
  • To encourage you to lead by example by enhancing your thinking and behaviors.


The BPCI  Diversity & Inclusion Masterclasses 2022 series has been developed the D,I&B working group and delivered in conjunction with the 30% club and BioPharmaChem Skillnet. We are delighted to have Anne Clarke and Mark Fryer from  ABSTRACT delivering this masterclass. Abstract specialise in improving business through people by creating and delivering award-winning Learning and Development programmes. They work with clients in the UK, Ireland and internationally. They also present at business events, conferences and expert forums, offering our experience, expertise and insight as speakers, hosts or panel members. 


Start Date September 15, 2022
Time 12.00-13.00
Duration 60 Mins
Delegate Price Free
Location Online
Type Webinar
Contact Siobhán Dean