Gender pay gap reporting is one part of a much-needed “whole of society” strategy to address female participation rates and employment gaps between genders. It will not on its own identify or solve the myriad of structural, cultural and policy causes for these differences, but it is a critical and welcome diagnostic tool that has employer support. In December 2022, employers of 250+ employees will have to report their gender pay gap.

This will involve the gathering and calculating various pieces of data including the mean and median gender pay gap; the mean and median bonus pay gap; the mean and median pay gap of part-time and temporary employees and the proportion of employees in receipt of benefit in kind.

To support you with gender pay gap reporting Ibec have developed this seminar, which aims to build your awareness of what’s really important and the skills and knowledge to take the action required. Our experts will bring you through the key do’s and don’ts in this space, so that you are prepared and well informed in this critical area. You will also have the opportunity to hear from others attending the event and to ask the questions that are relevant to your organisation.



Start Date September 09, 2022
Time 09:30
Duration 3.5 hours
Delegate Price Member
€294 (+VAT),
€336 (+VAT)
Location Online
Type Virtual events