Join us for our Occupational Health and Safety Seminar on 12 May 2022, where we will share best practice, case studies and advice on the real issues faced by organisations today in the critical areas of OHS and hybrid working. Our panel of experts will share their insights and advice on the lessons learned over the last two years in particular, focusing on the importance of creating a culture where your people are not overloaded and ensuring they can perform at their best in our new hybrid world of work. Through our work advising organisations across all sectors since the start of Covid-19, we have pulled together an exciting agenda to share our insights, tips and advice for this critical area of your business. We will also share case law highlighting the role of Directors and Managers in OHS and bring you through the importance of the human factors at work from an OHS perspective for the year ahead.

We will describe real examples of the issues organisations face now in terms of employer and industrial relations issues in the OHS area, how we advise encouraging people back to work, when to refer someone to an occupational health specialist and how we suggest you support your employees at this critical time. By sharing a powerful case study, demonstrated with actors, we will highlight real messages that need to be included in your safety culture and ways of dealing with your people. The critical learning from this element of the day will be demonstrated in an impactful way, based on a real case study, elements of which can apply in most organisations .

We will also share Ibec’s new guide on Hybrid Working which captures the key considerations and decisions for implementing hybrid working in your workplace. Overall, the focus of the day is to give you some powerful insights into the real issues faced by employers in this area, as well as a range of practical tools and ideas to take away and apply within your own organisations.

Our panel of experts includes Dr. Robert Ryan, Occupational Physician, Medmark; Deirdre O’Mahony, Litigation Partner, Arthur Cox; Annette Tierney, Managing Director Theatre at Work; and Patricia Murray, Organisational Psychologist, HSA. From Ibec, we will have Dr. Michael Gillen, Elaine Bowers , Ruth Heenan, Claire Hellen and James Cleary.


  • Gain an insight into the critical issues and real challenges faced by employers today when dealing with OHS and hybrid working.
  • Learn from case law in terms of the role of Directors and Managers in managing OHS.
  • Explore when it is appropriate to refer someone to an occupational health specialist and what actions to take as a result.
  • Help your people to deal with overload and to develop the skills and supports needed to ensure they perform at their best and grow within your culture.
  • Identify the factors to consider when managing people who work in a hybrid arrangement.
  • Learn from other attendees about the issues they are now focused on in the OHS area, as well as how they are dealing with these.


Start Date May 12, 2022
Time 09:15
Duration 7.5 hours
Delegate Price Member
€295 (+VAT),
€365 (+VAT)
Location Online