Undoubtedly an organisation's employees are its biggest competitive advantage. Organisations are constantly evaluating the success of their performance strategies through cost savings, process improvements and technology advancement, however the biggest difference and driving force behind an organisations growth and success is made by people. In times of fast-paced changing organisational landscapes and the birth of new universal cultures, it has never been more important to be part of the bigger diverse picture when it comes to securing the very best talent when recruiting, engaging, retaining and supporting existing employee needs to reduce staff turnover in the workplace.
For any organisation interested in outperforming the competition and achieving sustainable business growth, it is crucial that employees should be from a diverse talent pool with different approaches, skills, strengths in problem-solving and driving innovation. Under the Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Umbrella, neurodifferences are often invisible or masked and don’t have the prevalence of other groups on the agenda. Leading firms are raising the prominence of neurodiversity programmes, as they are ahead of the game, in recognising that building neurodiverse teams can be a competitive advantage and is part of being a responsible employer by taking steps to ensure neurodiversity considerations and inclusion.
Webinar focus: 

  • Understanding neurodiversity
  • Overcoming perceived organisational barriers and the benefits associated with being neurodiverse smart
  • Why employers should care about neurodiversity
  • Gain clarity on how you can take steps to implement Neurodiversity @ Work Programmes
  • Through case studies, learn how companies can gain both financially and operationally by taking a broader look at neurodiverse talent
Neurodiversity Webinar flyer pdf | 1030.9 kb
Start Date November 04, 2021
Time 11:00-12:15
Duration 1.15 mins
Delegate Price Free
Location Online
Type Webinar
Contact shane.beirne@ibec.ie