With a landscape, surrounded by an outstanding coastline, diverse and dramatic, a haunting history steeped in ancient traditions, literature, folklore and music fused culture, Ireland has all the raw materials for an exceptional experience.  
This amazing place famous for its welcome, is backed by thousands of businesses and hundreds of thousands of people that power it.  
Our world-renowned hotels, fantastic festivals, the fame of sporting occasions, our rich provenance in food and drink, the ceremonies marking our culture and way of living, our global connectivity join forces to create experiences unique to the island of Ireland.  
This is the Experience Economy and more than meets the eye. 

The Experience Economy comprises of businesses and a workforce which operate across multiple sectors in Ireland encompassing hospitality, retail, travel, food, drink, tourism, entertainment, technology, events and organisations in the arts, cultural, sporting and heritage sectors.  
The closure of many parts of the Experience Economy due to Covid has shown the extent of employment in this sector and its intrinsic value in making Ireland a great place to live, work, invest and experience.  
On Wednesday, 21st of April at 8.30 Ibec will be hosting a virtual event to officially launch our Experience Economy campaign. It will highlight the Experience Economy’s role as a dynamic, diverse and substantial part of Ireland’s business model. 

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Start Date April 21, 2021
Time 8.30 - 10.00
Duration 1.5 hour
Delegate Price Free
Type Briefings