In business, we are all equipped with the same vocabulary but it is how we use those words that help us reach our goal or fast track us in the other direction. It’s a fine line.

What we say, what we write, says a lot about who we are, our motivation, our brand and how we are perceived? Clichés, slang and jargon are useless weeds invading a beautiful garden. They mislead, confuse and distort what it is you’re trying to say and ultimately lead to failed sales.

This short member webinar will make you think, make you reflect and help you to understand what jargon is, what it does, how to eliminate it to your advantage and how to be a far more effective communicator.

Companies who invest time, effort and expertise in fine crafting their message, always succeed and stay ahead of their competitors. After all, almost won never wins.


Conor Kenny is the Principal of Conor Kenny & Associates, a professional development, sales, marketing, management and leadership training and direct consultancy company, specialising in developing your people, performance and business. 


Start Date July 07, 2020
Time 14:00 - 14:40
Duration 40 minutes
Delegate Price Free
Type Webinar
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