DeCare Dental 
DeCare Dental

DeCare Dental is Ireland’s only specialist dental insurance and oral health company, providing dental insurance products and oral health services to both the corporate and consumer markets since 2004.

Globally, DeCare Dental is a trusted brand, administering dental benefits for over 40 years and supporting over 9 million worldwide. DeCare is also a subsidiary of Anthem, the largest health benefits provider in the U.S and a brand that is recognised for innovation and service. In Ireland, this global strength and experience backs our local product, service and oral health expertise.

Wellness from DeCare offers a range of general health clinics including dental wellness programs. We offer expert advice on wellness services to suit your company and deliver them in a cost effective and timely manner.

TeamCare by DeCare is a dedicated corporate dental insurance service, which combines a comprehensive range of dental insurance products. Our comprehensive dental insurance products encourage regular dental visits and provide financial protection for minor and major treatment.

For more information on our wellness services, contact our wellness and health promotion manager, David Casey, on 083 1002890 or visit

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Fitbit helps people lead healthier,
more active lives by empowering them with data, inspiration and guidance to
reach their goals. Fitbit designs products and experiences that track and
provide motivation for everyday health and fitness. Powered by one of the
world’s largest databases of activity, exercise and sleep data and Fitbit’s
leading health and fitness social network, the Fitbit platform delivers
personalised experiences, insights and guidance through leading software and
interactive tools. 

Fitbit’s paid subscription service, Fitbit
Premium uses your unique data to deliver actionable guidance and coaching in
the Fitbit app to help you reach your health and fitness goals. Fitbit Health
Solutions develops health and wellness solutions designed to help increase
engagement, improve health outcomes, and drive a positive return for employers,
health plans and health systems.

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Mental Health First Aid Ireland
Mental Health First Aid Ireland

MHFA Ireland is the exclusive provider of mental health first aid training in Ireland. Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is the initial help given to someone who is developing a mental health problem, a reoccurrence of an existing mental health problem or may be in crisis with their mental health. We don’t teach people to be experts, but we do teach you how to listen, reassure, instil hope and even respond in a crisis. To date, this evidence based trained has been received by over 4,500 people in organisations and companies throughout the country. Outcomes include reduced stigma, increased knowledge and understanding, the increase of helping behaviours. Irish businesses are using MHFA Training to underpin a wider shift towards a supportive workplace culture. Our goal is to help support these workplaces empower employees to help themselves, and each other, in their mental health, through our training. Why not join the nearly 3 million people around the world who have trained in MHFA skills.

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Start Date August 25, 2020
Time 4-5pm
Delegate Price Free
Location The Round Room at The Mansion House
Type Networking lunches and dinners